Friday, November 6, 2009

happy birthday, dad!

so my dad and i have always been buds...

he used to crack up at me a lot...still does. i'm a nut. what can i say?!?

here's us when i was really little. i liked to cheese it up for the camera.

i was his little helper. :)

he likes to climb things...when we are hiking and we suddenly don't see him anymore, we don't look around. we look up. and pretty soon we hear a loud whistle and there he is...on top of some crazy high rock. freaks mom and me out!!!

and he's teaching the monkeys to do it too! :)

this was him driving one of his good friends awesome car. sad i missed out on that ride!!!!!
what a great pic!!!!

dad, thank you for being the example you are in my life. thank you for your love, lessons, and protection...and all the dances! ;) you are truly the best!!!!!!!!!
i love you tons!!!! and i'm glad i got to spend the weekend with you!!!!!!
happy birthday!!!

your little buddy, nay. :)