Saturday, October 31, 2009

4th annual pumpkin carving party...

food, fun, charlie brown, and carving pumpkins on the living room floor!!!!!
that's right kids...the living room floor! i have a small one bedroom apartment. just imagine 12 people and 6 pumpkins in my tiny tiny space! craziness!!!

here's just a bit of the creative awesomeness we generated last night:

shaun is very serious about his carving endeavors

ultimate concentration...that's mary beth

the non-pumpkin carving people...jaime and adam. hats seemed to be the theme last night! fun!

my friend, jamie, CRACKS me up!!! i love this girl!!!

i've never seen anyone cut open a pumpkin in the middle. what a great idea!!!!

bridgette and monty came prepared with their pumpkin already cleaned out!

working hard!!!

mary beth's kitty getting a candle

i am humbled and slightly intimidated by abe's artistic talent. this dude is a phenom pumpkin carver!

finished product. erin...why did i not get a pic of you???

abe and jen and the pumpkin of amazingness

all done!!!

glowing results!

what a fun night! thanks for coming out guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thanks for taking over my camera, steveo, so i could get messy!!!!! :)