Tuesday, September 8, 2009

weekend roadtrip...

just got back from a super quick trip to chicago and milwaukee. adam asked me last week if i thought i could get off work and go to milwaukee for the weekend to see our beloved cardinals play the brewers. amazingly enough, this was not a class weekend for me, so adam, our friend elizabeth and i piled in the car and headed north to big joe's early sunday morning.

we rode the train downtown and spent some time on michigan avenue, then joe made an amazing dinner for us that night. yesterday morning we hopped in the car and drove the two hours to milwaukee to watch the game at miller park. dinner was--of course--deep dish pizza from lou malnati's (our chicago tradition). after dinner, elizabeth and i annihilated the boys at the bowling alley. ;) actually...we didn't win by much and we had a 100 pin handicap...but we still dominated. by the way...you two still owe us back massages! :)

this morning we piled back in adam's car and headed back to the lou.

whirlwind weekend, but lots of fun! thanks buddies! and thanks joe, for letting us crash your place!