Tuesday, September 29, 2009

pardon my lisp...

scho, yeschterday, i had a follow up appointment with my orthodontischt. had to get my retainersch adjuschted. he noticsched a few rotationsch in a couple of my teeth and aschked "where are we at on the time you are wearing these?". i schaid "when i schleep". what i didn't schay is that schince i've schtarted school, my schleep time hasch been greatly redusched...you know...with all my schtudies and schtuff. like from eight or nine hoursch to sixch or scheven. oopsch!
anywaysch, he told me they weren't schuper terrible, but he wanted to be very aggresschive in treating the rotationsch and he wantsch me to wear thesche retainersch for sixschteen-twenty four hoursch a day for the next sixsch weeksch. i schound schuper schilly when i talk. people have been schnickering at me all day.
laugh it up, kidsch! :) i've schpent way to much casch on thisch schmile to schcrew it up! i'll have schupremely schtraight teeth when i'm finisched with this messch!

have a great tueschday! :)