Monday, September 21, 2009

it has happened...

a day i thought would never come. something has happened to me that i know no one ever thought would.
i have found a gummy bear that i don't like!

and a gasp is heard all over the world...well, maybe just around the blogosphere around my 24 followers and others who choose to stalk me anonymously...i know you're out can't hide forever.

yes. it is true. i have found a brand of gummy bears that leaves me not feeling like i've just injested some lovely gummy goodness, but...well, like i just swallowed a bunch of cough medicine.

trolli classic bears!
you have failed me!
it hurts me to knock trolli brands because of the many other kinds of wonderfulness that they produce...gummy peach rings, sour brite crawlers, and we cannot leave out the brite octopuses that will forever be remembered as making us all sugar sick on our way back from chicago in may (great memories, right adam and jaime? hahaha)...
but the bears...guys...they gotta go!
and i do find something to wash my mouth out with. blech.