Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a little behind...

i'm a bit behind with posting. sorry kids. things have been a bit crazy the last few weeks and when i've been home, i've just been too exhausted to post.
adam has been asking me every day if i've dumped the photos from the zoo...we went about a week and a half ago! i'm a bad friend. sorry buddy.
anyway, i've finally got my act together so here we go.
the day was super hot and with school getting ready to start it was WAY crowded. (whose stupid idea was it anyway to go to the zoo??? oh yeah...mine. oops! hehe.) i was really excited at the beginning because i hadn't been all summer and i wanted to get some great shots...alas...just not in the cards. it was not a day for a small fry such as myself to get much of anything photo wise...and it was so hot, we just didn't want to stand around in the sun waiting for the crowds to move. :( so, we hit the highlights and favs and headed out of there to the cool air-conditioned car.

polly want a cracker? yeah i know. sorry...couldn't resist.

little big prairie dog somethings. as you can see, i paid very good attention to the signs. again. i'm zacchaeus. :) i couldn't get close.

this is raja. i remember when this big dude was born. it was a super big deal for st. louis. they had a contest for people to name him...personally, not a fan of the name raja...but i didn't submit a name, so who am i to complain, anyway??

my ultimate favorite animal at the zoo is a polar bear. i love to watch them swim and play and wave at the people. they just look like so much fun. our polar bears died last year...sad...so i had to be satisfied with this dude. at least he smiled for the camera! RIP polar bear buddies!

on to the big cats!!! LOVE these tigers! aren't they just gorgeous??? the st. louis zoo is pretty lucky. they have 5.

hangin' out in the shade...

i think this guy likes this spot. he was here in this same place when i was at the zoo last year. :)

well, sorry for the lack of variety in animals. i guess that's just an excuse to go back! :) hope you enjoyed our trip to the zoo!!!

can you come out and play? ;)


Queen Mommy said...

The polar bears used to wave at you?! All ours ever did was swim in the same patterns over and over and over. It was actually kind of sad. At the moment, the zoo is re-doing the polar bear exhibit, so we don't have our polar bears right now. Not sure when they'll be back.....maybe next year?

I love the chimps/orangutans, and the gorillas, myself. One time they gave the chimps t-shirts, and their was this little baby trying to put it on and rolling down the hill. It was so cute! Another time we watched the gorillas eating peanut butter right out of the jar and whole oranges. Kind of neat!

wife.mom.nurse said...

I can so relate to the inability to post.

Love the pix. It's great to take a camera for a walk at the zoo.