Monday, July 27, 2009

taking a poll...

hypothetical situation:

you are sitting in microbiology lab. in front of you are 14 test tubes of an unknown bacteria. you are expected to complete a procedure which includes using pipettes to draw the unknown bacteria out of the test tube into a curvette which is then placed into a spectrophotometer to measure light absorption of the sample. after measuring the substance, you must dump the sample and rinse/sterylize the curvette with 70% alcohol.

your instructor stops the class to remind that the bacteria you will be using is dangerous and should be handled with the utmost of care. if you have an open wound or a compromised immune system, you will most likely be infected and get sick.

the are not provided gloves.

would you do it?

add this to the have crohn's disease...and are on immunosuppressive drugs for treatment.

are you kidding me???

and all the nursing students say...dude! give me some flippin' gloves!!!!

my hope is that you all are smart and realize that this isn't a hypothetical situation. i've not been pleased with this class from the beginning, but this has taken the cake. seriously? no gloves. REALLY? that's just STUPID DUMB.

luckily our protests were heard and our instructor huffed and stomped over to a cabinet to pull out a full box of gloves for us to use...he definitely made it known that he wasn't happy about it.

what a great guy. he should get a gold star.

i have a feeling the chair of the department will be getting an earful tomorrow.


Emma said...

That's ridiculous!! Glad you guys got some gloves!! :) Just start carrying some in your back pocket for next time, just in case!! :)

Q, La, and Gooner said...

Oh wow, I stumbled upon your blog and am astounded by the dumbness of the prof. Ha, props to ya'll for standing up for some latex!