Sunday, July 12, 2009

suit up...part deux...big joe's birthday

anyone watch how i met your mother???

if you do, then you are familiar with barney's famous line...suit up!

my friends and i are religious watchers. we get together every week to watch. some of you might remember my post a few months back with the pic of our first suit up party. adam decided we needed to celebrate my getting into nursing we suited up, had dinner at spaghetti factory (yum!) and played mini golf.

when big joe heard about our party, he decided he wanted to spend his birthday weekend in st. louis and suit up. we had dinner at morgan le fay's and played laser tag and went bowling...and yes...if you're wondering, the girls were awesome and played laser tag in heels!!!!

it was legen...wait for it...dary...

2 comments: said...

I love reading about your social have so much fun.

and wonderful cool :)

Queen Mommy said...

Hee hee! I *love* that show!