Wednesday, July 1, 2009

sometimes songs articulate my feelings WAY better than i ever could...

oh, for a heart that does not ache
for a backbone that won't break
for some steady feet or sturdy ground
a road that isn't gonna let me turn around and run
for a thousand tongues to sing

to wear wisdom like solomon's robe
for the patience and perspective of a man like job
just to soar on wings of eagles
for no other reason than the bird's eye view
for a flight or two
and the list gets longer
who i wish i was, and was no longer

i never could be good enough
to measure up
but You want to take me as i come
You're the only one that can
take me as i am

oh, to feel hope in hopeless times
never mind the silver lining 'cause the clouds are fine
to breathe prayers that move the heavens
or save hundreds from the flames
to know my place, to know my name
but the gap grows wider
between who i am and all i aspire to be


at the end of myself, at the end of the day
i can find little else but the courage to say
i need You
that's all
i need You

--take me as i am, nichole nordeman


kjoy said...

Nichole Nordeman will always be my favorite! She came to MoBap one time and I loved it.

Katie said...

Any bad day can be made better by Nichole Nordeman. She's great. I wish she'd wrap up that whole mothering business and get to some more music. JK.