Monday, June 1, 2009

that God...He's just good :)

this was in my email inbox this morning...

Job 8:5
If you will seek God and plead with the Almighty for mercy

Pleading with God, or arguing our case with Him in a fervent yet humble manner, is one part of that importunity in prayer which scripture so much recommends. This is what all the saints of old have practiced.
—Isaac Watts

Pleading has in it the sense of desperation. Indeed, much of our prayers, if we’re honest, find us in dire need of heaven’s favor and action. What may surprise is that the scriptures are filled with examples of just that kind of desperate prayer and often among the heroes of the faith. God knows my struggle intimately; He thrills to my earnest, heartfelt prayer and glories as a loving Father in granting my most pressing needs.


Jaime said...

I needed that one too...thanks for sharing it! Love you my friend.

Sarah said...

Needed that one, too. I've been saying lots of those prayers lately and know they will continue, especially in the near future. Now, we just need to remember to say those fervent prayers of thanks, too! What a wonderful God we serve!