Tuesday, June 9, 2009

not me...tuesday...???

so most of you are familiar with mckmama's blog and her not me monday carnival. well, this can't wait for next monday...so here goes...

as most of you know, i am not in school to be a nurse. i have not enjoyed my month break from classes at all. and i was not upset that my microbiology class began tonight. i also didn't take off an hour early to from work to drive an hour to the college. since my class did not start tonight and i didn't drive all that way, i did not notice that the lights were off and no one sitting in the classroom.

i would never have had a blonde moment and gone to class ON THE WRONG NIGHT!!!!!!!!

NOT ME!!!!

holy geez!


Emma said...

Oh no!! :) That's a funny story, probably because it didn't happen to me! Hope the drive was at least enjoyable! :)

Lyryn said...

Ha, blond moments! Not me either!!!! :)

Acting Out World Change said...

It's ok. I locked my keys in my car Sunday, got them back on Monday, and locked them in there again on Tuesday.

wife.mom.nurse said...

oh no! I didn't even notice your blonde roots.

I am sorry you have to go to school in summer! Yuck.

How many weeks is your class? Are you ok with going to school in summer?