Tuesday, April 14, 2009

what do you get when you have 2 creatives, 3 dozen eggs, food coloring and a straw???

a lot of fun!!!  i love to color easter eggs and each year, i want to do something more and more creative.  last year i had about 2 dozen eggs and my fun time was over way too fast, so this year, we decided to add another dozen.  i know, right...deviled eggs for ever.  holey moley.  anyways, here are some shots of our mess...ahem...masterpieces.  :)

here are the eggs before

we always start out pretty safe.  doing names and solid colors and such...

then things got a little crazy...

isn't that awesome?!?!?!

renee...no shower, no make-up!  yessssss!!!!

we had one egg broken while it was still in the pot.  he became humpty dumpty.

and we had one real casualty...oops!!!

we sure made a super huge mess!  in fact, we did this on saturday and my hand is still dyed.  :)

finished product!!!

i'm pretty proud of our endeavors...next year, we're getting out the glitter!!!


Jennifer said...

Who was your partner in crime?? You guys look uber talented in the egg decorating department.

renee said...

my mom. isn't she the coolest??