Thursday, April 2, 2009

a little relief...

i've kind of felt like this guy the last week or so.  constantly in motion, trying to balance school, work and life and i've felt like i'm barely holding it together.  finals are something like 3 weeks away, i had 3 tests within 7 days (btw...2 down, 1 to go), various assignments, and yucky, junky life stuff that just gets you down sometimes.
it seems every time i turn around, a plate or a ring gets added to the ever precarious stack i'm already dealing with.  i had my first migrane ever on tuesday...and let me tell you what, those are SERIOUSLY not fun!  i thought i was having an aneurysm!!  light sensitivity, vomiting, searing pain ripping through my cranial area.  i thought i was going to die.  i don't ever want to have to experience one of those again.  
so.  there's a point to this.  the title did, in fact, say relief...or a little bit.  :)  i took my chem test tonight.  i was super worried and not feeling ready at all.  those suckers are online, and once you answer a question, YOU CANNOT GO BACK TO CHECK YOUR ANSWER!!!!!  really???  YES.  :(  i've failed every single one i've taken this semester MISERABLY!
i just have to have a C for chemistry to get credit for nursing school.  so i've been fighting to maintain that average all semester.  i've carried a 79% for the last 3 or 4 weeks, but was fearful that these last few assignments were going to bring me way down.  i got a 5-10 on an assignment 2 weeks ago and that almost sent me over the edge.
WELL, like i said before, i was super worried about this test.  i had a sick feeling in my stomach all day and i just didn't want to even attempt it, but i knew i had to.  i started through, slowly but steadily and kept moving forward.  i was afraid to even guess how i was doing.  but when all was said and done, my score.......was a 78%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  this, and and assignment i completed on wednesday brings my grade to a 79.8687%  haha!  i'm counting all the places i can.  PLEASE round up, dr. christensen!!!  you would be so awesome if you did!  that would mean that i could possibly score a B in the class!!!!!

so.  deep breath.  a big accomplishment.  and a little bit of relief to my mind.  thanks Jesus!!!  LOVE IT!


erin said...

i am so glad that the test went well! deep breath!! YAY!

i am wondering if it might be good to go to a part time job while you are in nursing that you are sure to have time to do your assignments and it won't be so stressful? you won't become a nurse if you have a mental breakdown in the process :)

Claire said...

Here's to relief!


Katie said...

Yeah! Congrats! I am SO impressed with a 79% in chemistry. Heck of a lot better that I would do!