Wednesday, January 28, 2009

scattered thoughts

i'm the type of person who has 45 million things running through her head all at once.  sometimes it's difficult to put everything down into organized conversation so i use these to help keep me sane...


i am: turning 28 in a few weeks
i think: way too much
i know:  i'm going to be a nurse someday
i want:  to get into maryville's evening and weekend nursing program
i have:  great friends
i hate:  people who play games with my mind
i miss:  my parents
i fear:  falling on the ice
i feel:  a little sleepy, but not ready for bed
i hear:  the tv...criminal minds
i smell:  the pumpkin wallflower i have plugged in 
i crave:  water
i search:  for someone
i wonder:  if i'll have to go to work tomorrow
i regret:  not speaking up
i love:  getting to wake up without an alarm
i ache:  to know
i care:  about healing people
i always:  turn off the lights when leaving a room
i am not:  blonde...i just have moments
i believe:  that Jesus loves me
i sing:  in the shower
i don't always:  articulate my thoughts well
i fight:  with my emotions
i write:  only some of what i'm feeling
i win:  only sometimes
i lose:  in the last round of spoons  :)
i never:  drink alcohol
i can usually be found:  doing homework
i need:  to drink some more water
i'm happy about:  the snow day i had today

you're wondering if i think this all at the same time.  the answer is yes.  sick isn't it?

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