Monday, November 3, 2008

where have i been?

i've not been very good with keeping up with my blog lately. i've got a lot to update on, but things simply come too quickly for me to sit down and write about them. so, i've decided to steal from my friend katie kelly and use her ideas to get me over this block that i have and give you all a quick update on the life of renee...

i am: ready to get off work and go home.

i think: i will make a quick dinner and study tonight.

i know: i didn't do a good job on my lab quiz this morning.

i want: a digital camera for christmas.

i have: a headache.

i wish: i could travel anytime i wanted.

i hate: political ads!!!!!!!! thank goodness tomorrow is election day!!!

i miss: being a kid.

i fear: not being enough.

i feel: like chicken tonight...sorry. couldn't resist.

i hear: people talking on the phone outside my office.

i smell: ugh...cafeteria food. :(

i crave: italian food!!!! yum!

i search: for answers.

i wonder: if i'm headed in the right direction...

i regret: not working as hard as i should have when i was in college.

i love: my parents.

i ache: for acceptance.

i care: about my friends a lot!

i always: wear my seatbelt

i am not: girly.

i believe: that Jesus loves me.

i sing: in my car...sometimes i dance too...

i don’t always: keep my apartment cleaned up.

i fight: my emotions.

i write: my thoughts on this blog.

i win: playing poophead sometimes. :)

i lose: patience with stupidity.

i never: eat blue candy.

i can usually be found: when i'm not at jeans, flip flops and a hoodie. :)

i need: to get organized.

i am happy about: getting an 87% on my test on muscles and bones last week!

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