Monday, November 17, 2008

today i...

dissected a cow eye. yes, a cow eye. it squished.

WHO SIGNED ME UP FOR THIS CLASS?? oh yeah. it was me. dang it.

i have this thing with eyes. they gross me out. the idea of poking something in it, or cutting it or scraping it just makes me cringe. remember when you were in elementary school and the boys thought it was funny to flip their eyelids inside out? i never thought it was funny. i thought it was gross. btw, boys, i still think it's gross...don't try it. you won't earn any points with me. k?

i guess dissecting a cow eye wouldn't have been that bad, if we didn't have to separate it from the tissue around the eye. like, they didn't just give you the eyeball...they gave you the eyeball and half of the flippin' cow was still attached. maybe i'm exaggerating...not by much though.

i think i just threw up in my mouth a little...

current tally of animals/animal parts i've dissected in my lifetime...
a frog, an earthworm, a grasshopper, a clam, a fetal pig, a sheep brain, and a cow eye.

eh, bring on the cat! it can't be any worse. :)

ps. our a&p class is scheduled for a visit to the cadaver lab at logan the first weekend of december. it's gonna be fun!


Adam said...

Be careful about the cadaver lab... you will not get the smell out of whichever clothes you wear. Keep that in mind. And for the record, it doesn't smell like roses.... at all.

Cara said...

Dear Fufe,
I miss you!
This all sounds really gross
I'm glad you like it!!!!! :)
Lets hang out soon