Friday, October 3, 2008

wide open 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just wanted to take a little time to invite you to 'wide open '08'. 'wide open' is an organization i have been working with songwriters, artists and filmmakers to create. together we will put on concert events to unify people and raise money for those in immediate need. needless to say, i've been working very hard to see this dream become a reality, and i would love for you to share in the fun of the first ever wide open evening! if you're able to make it, please mark your calendars!!!!

the first show is coming up on friday night november 14th @ 7pm (at morning star in o'fallon, mo).
tickets are $10, and proceeds will go to benefit missouri flood relief. all the details including artists, media and directions can be found at:

seats will fill up quickly due to the number of others involved and i'd especially like to make sure you're able to come!

if you're able to make it--please buy your tickets as-soon-as-possible.
when you hit the website just click on the TICKET icon, or go directly to

thanks for letting me share this with you!

what: wide open '08
when: friday, november 14th, 2008 @ 7pm
where: morning star


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