Thursday, September 18, 2008

title...hmmm...something interesting needs to go here.

i finished editing the bergman family photos.  i've been learning photoshop bit by bit lately so i tried a few new touches.  let me know what you think...

such a cute family!!!!!  i love it!!!!!!!

i'm still trying to get the hang of black and white.  i usually like lots of contrast, but caden had some major shadow over his face.  when i added the contrast, he had racoon eyes.  :(

my favorite

close second...this one just speaks to me.  i don't have the words right now...maybe sometime i'll figure it out.  musing for a later post...

this one is just funny  :) can't get much more cute.

and this one is just superfun!!!


so i know it's been a while since i've posted.  i go through droughts sometimes...but i don't like to go to long without posting.  i know you all long to hear my extremely intelligent, well thought out, and interesting posts about relevant issues...haha.  

so here's just another post of random thoughts from the strange brain that is mine.  

#1.  i had my first a&p test today.  i think i did pretty well.  i studied all friday evening, saturday morning, sunday afternoon, monday night, wednesday night (stayed up until in the heck did i stay up all night in college?  i'm soo old!!)  i filled out review sheets, worked on flash cards, and took the pretest, and then i did a quick overview this morning during chapel (gasp!!).   i felt prepared, but a little nervous (really a lot nervous).  not all of the sections were crystal clear in my head. i went to class and i looked through the test, then dove in.  a few of the questions were worded differently than i expected, but all in all, i know i passed.  i'd like to hope for an A, but i don't want to jinx it.  i can't seem to get that stressy feeling out of my system.  i still feel anxious and tight.  weird.  

#2.  i've had two makeovers in the last two days.  i know, right?  insane.  i helped one of my mom's friends out.  she sells mary kay products and needed to have a certain number of makeovers for the month for a contest.  i made some fun snacks and invited several girls over and we had a great time!  playing in makeup is like art in the morning for me.  :) superfun...a little girly.  whatever.  anyway, then my friend julie from work asked me what i was doing for lunch on thursday.  she said that her daughter marcie had signed us up for makeovers at her work.  she works at the body shoppe and they had a new line of cosmetics in and needed people to practice on.  i was game.  so we went.  tried out a more natural look.  it was fun, but not as fun as doing it yourself.  

#3.  i think i might have killed gertie.  if you've been to my apartment, you might have met her.  she likes to hang out in my dining room.  doesn't need much.  sunlight, water, the occasional dose of miracle grow.  yes.  gertie is a plant.  she and i have been through a lot together.  i inherited her from my friend glo that used to work in my office.  she sat next to my computer for a few years until i went into the hospital earlier this year.  my coworker forgot to water her and when i came back, she had drooped until she was touching the desk (personally, i think she missed me).  so i brought her home to the greenhouse that is my dining room and nursed her back to health.  she was growing...adding new leaves.  i was so proud.  then last week, i let her get too dry and thought i'd give her some extra water.  the next morning i woke up and went to check on her...

she looks like this:

and i look like this:

oh gertie.  poor gertie.  

#4.  the balloon glow is tomorrow.  i'd like to get a group together to go.  any takers??  it will be fun!  i promise!  for photos (that are not mine) go here.  

#5.  i think there's not going to be a #5 tonight.  i'm tired.  i need to go to bed.  that's all for now.  tune in next time.  

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Jaime said...

You crack me up.

I love the black and white photos with the color! Teach me oh wise one...