Saturday, August 2, 2008

so i've told you about the fun i have with photobooth right?  well, this is me...realizing i have a siamese twin.  haha.  oh yeah, and that mark on my face...burned myself with my curling iron...yes, i really did.  surprised??  do you KNOW me?
ok back to photobooth.  donna and the boys are visiting from colorado again while willie is in guatamala...sp?. anyways, on the way to dtown, they stopped to see me at my apartment.  we had a LOT of fun with my laptop...

we laughed and laughed and took about 50 pictures.  sooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!

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khanley said...

The second to last one is very funny. :) Glad you have such sweet little boys in your life. My nephews give me such joy.
Thanks for your phone call the other day. It was rather busy day as Aaron and I had somewhat of a crisis to go through with some friends. I'm just now getting over a week long cold, but we have something going every evening this week, so I don't know when I'll get you called back. Take care.