Monday, May 26, 2008

i love 4 day weekends!!

friday i...
watched the new indy movie
got captain d's and ate dinner in the park
played on the swings and the twisty slide...found out that the slide is more fun with a 5 year old rear end...haha
played some old school nintendo...KILLED my mom at dr. mario :)
saturday i...
helped cut my grandpa's grass
planted flowers
went to church
ate at olive garden with some pretty cool chicas
sunday i...
rode 8 miles on a bike trail at st. joe state park
barbequed chicken, bacon and sausage...yum!!!!!!!
KILLED mom again at dr. mario...but she demolished me once. she's getting better.
today i...
well...i've done absolutely nothing yet...

life is good.

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